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About the artiste:  Dhruv Sangari (Bilal Chishty Sangari) began training in Hindustani classical music at the age of 7 under Smt. Shahana Bannerjee and Tabla with Pt. B.S. Ramanna. Later, he developed an interest in Sufism and Sufi music,and began learning Qawwali with late Ustad Meraj Ahmed Nizami of the Delhi Qawwalbachhe Gharana. He was also given training and guidance by the legendary Qawwali and Classical maestro late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khansaheb. Among his other gurus are esteemed maestros such as Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan of Delhi Gharana and late Ustad Ghulam Sadiq Khan of Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana.

Dhruv (Bilal) has a masters degree in Hindustani Classical music from the University of Delhi and has been performing professionally since 2001 with his troupe ‘Rooh’. His repertoire includes Farsi, Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindvi Sufi and Bhakti poetry from the works of famed poets and saints. In addition to stage concerts at major festivals and international collaborations with artistes in more than 15 countries including China, India, Pakistan, U.A.E., Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, U.K., US, Australia, Malaysia and Spain; he has recorded for a number of private albums, Bombay film industry and solo projects like Jet-Lag with band Da-Saz (2008 Phat-Phish Records), Hope (2010), with band Humble Mystic for MTV Coke Studio season 2 and Amit Trivedi’s episode in season 3 (2012, 13 Viacom media). He also gave voice to the super hit track Lutt Jawaan (Commando movie, 2013 Reliance media) and penned the lyrics for Abr e Karam (Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain movie with Shilpa Rao, 2014 Rising Star).

Dhruv is part of Ektara India, a UN recognized not for profit foundation dedicated to research and facilitating projects to promote the arts and Sufi-Bhakti music. He is also affiliated with Anhad, an NGO committed to harmony and plurality. He has taught and performed Sufi music in several universities, museums, official and cultural institutions such as Colby College, Maine, University of Boston, Massachusetts, University of York, UK; Istanbul University, Turkey; Nehru Center, London, UK; House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany; Stadt Theatre, Freiburg, Germany; Louvre Museum, Paris, France; Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC; Society for Ethical Cultures, New York; ISNA, Chicago; US Library of Congress; Washington DC, Embassy of India, Washington DC; UNESCO, Delhi and Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC etc.

The artistes work has been showcased by national and international television channels, documentaries, radio, newspapers and journals in addition to local and regional media. For his work in the field of Sufi Music, Dhruv has received awards from the University of Baroda, India, Amir Khusrau Foundation, India and the Smithsonian Institution, USA.


About the group: ‘Rooh’ Ensemble based in New Delhi, India, presents the timeless poetic works of the great Sufi masters handed down from generation to generation through musical forms such as Qawwali, Kafi, Khayal, Hamdiya-Naatiya qalaam, Munajaat and Ghazal in the great tradition of Sema, Sufi & Bhakti music. Celebrating syncretism, diversity and embodying the mystic message of peace, love, joy and service of humanity,

the troupe presents compositions written in Farsi, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindvi by poet saints such as Mevlana Rumi, Hafez, Jami, Amir Khusrau, Baba Farid, Bulleshah, Meera and Kabir. Set to Indian Ragas and folk modes, the melodies are accompanied by instrument such as Israj, Mandolin, Tabla & Harmonium.  Rooh has featured at well known venues and festivals such as House of World Cultures,Berlin; Smithsonian Museum, USA; International Sufi Festival, Kolkata; Rumi Foundation,Turkey; Maharaja Sayajirao Palace,Vadodara; Ruhaniyat Festival; Kabir Festival; Sufi Rung Festival, Ajmer; Escape Festival; ICCR International Sufi Festival, Delhi; Emirates World Music Festival, Dubai; Parramasala, Sydney; APMC Festival, Lahore; ICCR Festival of India, Beijing; Bhakti Utsav, Delhi; Blufrog, India; Society for Ethical Cultures, New York and Terra Madre, Turin. Having performed for corporate, NGO & media such as HT, Citibank, Hero, Marriott’s, Coke, Tata, Cansupport, Anhad and Greenpeace the ensemble has carved itself a modest niche in the world of Sufi music.